Club Christmas Party 

December 2013

Our Christmas Party will take place next Friday, 06th Dec. @ the Gutzkowclub on Gutzkow str. 29-33. The doors open at 19.00 until close with Music, Beer and finger-food. In attendance will be the newly affiliated clubs from Rugby, Cricket Australian rules football and ourselves. So should be a really good night. Everybody is invited; bring a friend when you want. For those of you that are interested, we will meet for a whiskey beforehand in our local ‘the Red Rooster’ between 19-20.00 and then cycle together to the party at 20.00. Hope to see you all there! 

6 Dresden hurlers will play for Europe in Sept.

August 2013

6 Dresden hurlers will play for Europe together with other players from around Europe in the upcoming international hurling tournament in Galway in September. 16 teams from all over the world will compete in the first tournament of its kind. Click on the image for more information! Caman Europe!


International Hurling Festival Report:

Dresden hurlers – Ivan, Eoin, Colm, Konrad, Frank and Diarmuid – represented Europe Irish and Europe Non-Irish in the first international Hurling festival in Galway. With 16 teams and over 400 players and mentors from all over the world involved, It was a momentous occasion for all.

On Thursday, Europe Irish played Milwaukee and with a stiff breeze against them and a determined and strong US team we struggled in the opening minutes, going behind to well taken long range points from Milwaukee. It was the first ever time this European team had taken to the field and it showed, however as time wore on Europe found its feet and after 2 well taken goals from Ivan early in the second half Europe took advantage of the strong wind and powered on to a convincing win on a score-line of 5-17 to 2-10.

In contrasting weather conditions on Friday with 25 degrees and sunshine, Europe Irish came up against a strong Middle-East team who had already disposed of Canada. The Middle East raced into a commanding lead with 2 early goals and never looked back, dictating for most of the game. Europe, however, never gave up and kept notching up the points and found themselves 2 points behind with 5 mins remaining. ME remained firm however and added 2 points to seal a good win on a score line of 3-13 to 0-19.

Next up was a cracker and a must win game for both Europe and Canada if either were going to make it through to the final on Saturday. Europe started strongly and found themselves leading by 0-08 to 0-02 at half time. Canada must have got the hairdryer treatment at half time as they came storming back in the second half scoring 1-05 without reply to take a 2 point lead. Europe, in disarray, found some strength and pointed 3 well taken points to lead by 1 with 4 mins remaining. But 2 points from Canada in the final moments snatched a narrow win and send Europe tumbling out of the competition on a score line of 1-09 to 0-11.

In the final on Saturday the Middle East beat Canada to the division 2 title on a score line of 0-11 to 0-08


Photos and a report of the Dresden Non-Irish team to come.


From signing hundreds of autographs for school children, playing hurling & having the craic with lads from all over the world and seeing Konrad collect a crystal trophy on behave of Europe Non-Irish at the presentation ceremony on Saturday evening, it was a trip to remember and will live long in our memories for many many years.


More info on and Facebook.

​Hiking in the Sachsische Schweiz

August 2013

Social event: We plan to go for a day’s hiking in the Sachsiche Schweiz in the coming weeks. Please contact Konrad here or us here for more info. Please can you click the doddle link to choose a days you would be available to come.


We take the train from DD Neustadt Bahnhof @ 08:23 to Bad Schandau and then a short distance by bus to our starting destination. We'll hike the whole day and we can stop for a bite to eat and drink in 2 inns.

If you're interested more info on the hiking route can be found on the following link…

​New Dresden Gaa Logo

August 2013

Club Logo designed in March 2013 with a solid yellow ring showing strenght and togetherness with a black background (city colours), the year Dresden Gaa was founded, the traditional crossed hurleys with sliotar and rolling Gaelic Footballs showing movement together with Dresden's most iconic symbol the majestic Frauenkirche (Women's Church) that was reduced to rubble on Feb. 13th 1945 in an air raid that devastated the culturally beautiful and Baroque city of Dresden. The remaining ruins were left as an anti-war memorial until extensive private donations and reconstruction during the late 90's and early 00's. The proud city of Dresden reopened the doors of the church in Oct 2006.

European Hurling & Camogie Championship
4th round - Hosts: Brussels - August 03rd

August 2013

On August 03rd, Brussels Gaa Club hosted the 4th & final round of the Hurling & Camogie Championship. In attendance were Luxembourg, Den Haag, Paris, Brussels & Dresden in the hurling and Holland, Belgium & Luxembourg in the camogie. 


Many congratulations to Belgium on being crowned European Champions in both hurling and camogie!!! 

Dresden report:

A 1600km round trip, painting arses,  tins of Feldschlößchen,  an impounded car, a Moroccan boudoir, a trip in a police car, A dislocated finger, pulled rib and leg muscles, concussion, sprained ankles, broken hurleys, lost sliotars, skinned knees, a last ditch defensive and resolute display to win the tournament and clinch the European hurling championship by 1 point, Belgian beer, a rousing fist pumping speech from an iconic Galway hurler from the early 80’s, a scorching hot day, a beautiful city and best of all a first tournament win by the men of Dresden.


All was on offer on an exciting and action-packed weekend in Brussels. 




Belgium 5-07 v Dresden 0-05
Dresden 2-12 v Paris 1-01
The Hague 6-09 v Dresden 0-05
Luxembourg 7-09 v Dresden 1-04











Tournament placing:


25 points  -  Belgium       

20 points  -  Den Haag

16 points  -  Luxembourg

15 points  -  Dresden

10 points  -  Paris


25 points  -  Holland 
20 points  -  Belgium

16 points  -  Luxembourg

European Hurling & Camogie Championship
3rd round - Hosts: Zurich - July 06th

July 2013

On July 06th, Zurich Gaa Club hosted the 3rd round of the Hurling & Camogie Championship. In attendance was Luxembourg, Den Haag, Zurich, Brussels in the men's and Belgium, Luxembourg & Zurich in the Ladies.  

Tournament placing:


25 points  -  Den Haag       

20 points  -  Belgium

16 points  -  Luxembourg

15 points  -  Zurich


25 points  -  Luxembourg   
20 points  -  Belgium

16 points  -  Zurich

* Dresden Hurling attends its 1st ever European Hurling Tournament *


European Hurling & Camogie Championship
2nd round - Hosts: Luxembourg - June 01st

June 2013

On June 01st, Luxembourg Gaa Club hosted the 2nd round of the Hurling & Camogie Championship. In attendance for the first time was Dresden Gaa playing together with Cologne & Dusseldorf. Other men's teams that attended were Luxembourg, Den Haag, Paris/ Zurich & Brussels. In the Ladies were Belgium, Paris, Luxembourg & Holland.


Tournament placing:


25  points  -  Den Haag       

20  points  -  Belgium

16  points  -  Luxembourg

7.5 points  -  Zurich (played with Paris)

7.5 points  -  Paris (played with Zurich

13  points  -  Dresden


25 points  -  Belgium   
20 points  -  Paris

16 points  -  Holland

13 points  -  Luxembourg

Luxembourg Report:


The men of Dresden took to the field for the first time supported by 5 players from Cologne & Dusseldorf with competition against teams from Den Haag, Belgium, Luxembourg, Paris/ Zurich. The day’s hurling and camogie started early at 8.30 and finished under floodlights at 21.15


First up for Dresden was a mighty test for us as we faced 2012 champions Den Haag. With a 23 strong panel to choose from, Den Haag had strength in depth and it wasn’t long before they showed the difference in class. Dresden however put up a super performance in the second half considering our lack of experience and being our first ever game.

Final score: Den Haag 3-14, Dresden/ Cologne 1-03


Next up was tournament hosts Luxembourg who also had strength in depth and plenty of hurling experience. A young team, with many Irish students playing for them, we were kept on our toes. After conceding a couple goals early in the first half, Dresden held firm after the break to outscore the oldest Gaa club in Europe (35 years) in the second half.

Final score: Luxembourg 6-8, Dresden/ Cologne 1-05


With everyone gaining in confidence and after tweaking our team line-up in search for a stronger team we felt the next match against a combined team of Paris/ Zurich would be our best chance of getting something from the day. We stormed into an early lead spurred on by great performances from all the lads. We led at half time by 4 points 1.05 – 1.01. With fitness starting to tell and years of experience from Paris and Zurich, they started to eat away at our lead. Dresden held strong however and would not give in scoring a last minute point to level the game and take a share of the spoils for our first ever points in European competition.

Final score: Dresden/ Cologne 2-09, Paris/ Zurich 3-06


Our fourth and final game on a long day of hurling and camogie was against Belgium, the winners of the previous round in Paris last month. As Belgium needed a win to progress to the final against Den Haag, they turned out a strong team. While there was a slight difference in class, Belgium made a strong start. But Dresden put in a fantastic display of heart and guts to pull themselves back into contention but 3 soft goals early in the second half was difficult to pull back in a 10 minute half and Belgium went on to win and progress to the final.

Final score: Belgium 4-09, Dresden/ Cologne 1-05


In the final played under floodlights, An unbeaten and dominant Den Hague team faced an injury depleted Belgium team and won fairly comprehensively on a score line of 2-13 to 0-8. Luxembourg finished the tournament in third place with Dresden sharing 4th place with Paris/ Zurich.


You can see some Photos in the Gallery here on the website Or on our Facebook page...


Also, a big thank you to the Dresden Rugby team for lending us their jerseys for the tournament.

We are looking for sponsors at the moment to purchase a full team kit so if you know of anyone that would be interested, you know where we are.


Looking forward to the next tournaments in …

Zurich July 6th

Brussels August 3rd

Interested in joining us? Let us know.


Belgium got back to winning ways in European Hurling in a sunny Paris on Saturday as the Paris Gaels hosted the first round of the 2013 European Hurling & Championships. After an eventful day, surprise packets Luxembourg led Belgium by 2pts at half-time in the hurling final. However, greater strength in depth saw Belgium emerge victorious with a determined second half effort that saw them run out 3-10 to 2-6 winners. The Hague defeated Zurich in the 3/4th place play-off. Meanwhile the hosts Paris Gaels overcame Belgium in the Camogie final 4-15 to 4-1. It all bodes well for the future rounds in Luxembourg, Zurich and finals in Belgium.


Den Haag
Den Haag


Den Haag


































Group Games:

Den Haag

​3rd/4th Place Game
Den Haag

​Final Game

Camogie Championship Final


European Hurling & Camogie Championship
1st round - Hosts: Paris - May 04th 

May 2013

On May 04th, Paris Gaa Club will host the 1st round of the Hurling & Camogie Championship. In attendance will be Men's & Ladies teams from Luxembourg, Den Haag, Paris, Zurich, Brussels & Dresden.  

Click on the image to the left for more information on the tournament (Facebook).

European Gaelic Football Championship (Central/ East region)
1st round - Hosts: Prague Hibernians Gaa 

April 2013

On April 20th, Prague Hibernians Gaa will host the 1st round of the Central/ East European Gaelic Football Championship. In attendance will be 6 Men's and 4 Ladies teams from Prague, Vienna, Munich, Warsaw, Bratislava and Dresden. Games start at 09.00 and run through out the day. Final should be finished around 17.00. Registration cost €15 (incl Lunch) Dinner and Party afterwards in the Dubliner Irish Pub, Prague. 

Dresden Gaa Club hope to put together their first ever team to compete in European competition. If you are interested in taking part with us, please email

Click on the image to the left ​for more information on the tournament (Facebook).


In Prague on Saturday 20 April, We (Ken, Frank & I) joined up with Vienna for the 1st round of the Gaelic Football central/ east championship. Ken made hay all day, scoring great points from play and assisting in a few more. As Vienna's goalkeeper got injured during the early rounds, I was called upon to stand in for him. I didn't make so much hay however and Frank came as a supporter and mentor! as he couldn't play because of a damaged thumb. We beat Prague and Munich on the way to the final, while losing to Warsaw and Bratislava. We scraped through to the final however on scoring difference but lost out to Warsaw by 3 points after extra time. With time almost up in normal time off in the final, Ken was very harshly sent off for having a little disagreement with a fella. Somehow both were given the red card. Was good craic though.

Final score line: Warsaw 1.07 - 1.04 Vienna

Looking forward to the next tournament in Luxembourg on June 1st. If you’re interested in joining, let me know.

​Friendly Match - Dresden Gaa v Prague Hibernians Gaa 

Mar 2013

On April 06-07th, Dresden Gaa and Prague Hibernians Gaa will go head to head in Dresden to play a friendly match and Dresden's first ever Gaelic Football and Hurling games. To kick-start our season it will be an informal family affair with exercise and skills events for kids and all. Afterwards we would intend to hit the bars for the evenings craic.
  -Please contact to help out and organise or to confirm your attendance.

  -If you could provide a couch for a player or two from Prague it would be greatly appreciated.

This event depends on numbers attending and finer details have yet to be ironed out!

Click on image to the left & go direct to the event on Facebook


​Event schedule

17.00  warm-up
17.10  Gaelic football workshop (Practice drills, explain rules)
17.30  Gaelic Football match. (2 X 15 minutes with 5min break)
18.00  Finish Football, 10 min refreshment break
18.10  Hurling Workshop (Practice drills, explain ground rules)
18.30  Hurling match (2 X 10 min with 5min break)
18.55  Refreshment break
19.00  Chance for spectators to get involved with a little workshop both Football & Hurling

19.15  'Pocfada' & 'Kickfada' competition for all (Longest hit and kick) / Longest solo-run (similar to egg & spoon race) /

          'Free' taking (Hurling & Football) from different angles & distances
19.45  Finish and head-out for food and drinks. (venue TBC)

​St. Patricks Day events

Feb 2013

Training session at 12 noon followed afterwards by a good feast of Irish food and drink while watching the All-Ireland Club Hurling and Gaelic Football Finals between Offaly's Kilcormac-Killoughey and Galway's St. Thomas's in the Hurling decider @ 15.00 and Dublin's Ballymun Kickhams and Roscommon's St. Brigid's in the football decider at 16.45.


​2013 Dresden Gaa Poster & Flyer

Feb 2013

The 2013 Dresden Gaa club promotional poster & flyer is now complete in both German and English. Please download and if you are around sports clubs, gyms, schools, universities, work place, and bars, could you put 1 or 2 up on the notice boards or other prominent sites. (please get permission from the management)  

Contact to get the posters emailed to your account.

​Club Registration

Feb 2013

Club Registration in Germany is currently been arranged with Dresden Rugby Club in order to become an affiliate of theirs and to be able to use their facilities on a more permanent basis. We see this as a very good opportunity to promote and increase the awareness of our two sports.

​Click on the image to go direct to their website!

​2013 European Tournament Calendar

Feb 2013

​Click on the image to the left to be taken to the calendar. On it you can see the green is for the hurling and camogie, For the football side of things we would be participating in the East & Central region. Location of tournaments in this region still need to be confirmed. But I would image Bratislava, Munich, Prague or Warsaw could be hosting tournaments

Wilsdorfer Str. 20,

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T  +49 351 4865935

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