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Merry Christmas to all

Dresden Gaa would like to wish you and yours’ a wonderful and peaceful Christmas and to thank our members, friends, sponsors, Rugby Cricket Dresden e.V., the European County Board and everybody who contributed to a successful 2014.


December 05th:
Social Event: Christmas Markets in Dresden

Christmas is just around the corner so stay tuned for more info on our next social event. We'll start at 6 pm at a location in the Neustadt and continue through the markets sipping on a few jars of Gluvine and end up in the Red Rooster for a few hot whiskeys. 


Contact us for more info


Dresden Gaa
Christmas trees!
Please support Dresden Gaa by purchasing your Christmas tree here

Every December our new sponsor, Pfütze & Co Parkplätze on Theresienstraße 15 in the Innere Newstadt organise weekly events in the run up to Christmas while also selling locally grown Christmas trees at very reasonable prices. Dresden Hurling will be attending one of these events and we encourage all our members and friends to join us and to purchase their Christmas trees here. Please tell the sales person that you are a Friend of Dresden Hurling!!


Dresden Gaa
October 25th:
Social Event: Horse racing in Dresden

On Oct. 25th last, the club went Horse racing in Dresden hoping to win a few quid. On a dry but cold wintery day and armoured with whiskey flasks, hand shoes and long johns, 23 of us, both members and friends had a cracking day with some surprising victories and not so surprising routs. Ken’s Shetland pony (below) at 1 meter high may still be running. It was difficult to see the little one over the hedge while Glen and Jaakko’s No. 3, Mr. Spock (below) had other things on his mind before the race had even begun and finished up a distant … last. After the racing we went to the local pub for the evening’s craic and to warm the frozen limbs. Many thanks to all for coming, hope you enjoyed yourselves!

Stay tuned for more social events!


Dresden Gaa
October 11th:
Hurling & Gaelic Football comes to Dresden

Prague, Berlin, Budapest visited Dresden on Saturday 11th Oct. 2014 for a day of Gaelic Games. Also in atendance was our special guest, Michael Collins - Irish Ambassador to Germany.


Click photo to read the day's report.


September 06th:

Dresdner Highland Games

Thanks to all who came last Saturday both to take part and support us. It was a keenly contested fight throughout the day with 10 local teams fighting it out for the top prize. After a strong start we lead the way after 3 of the 8 events. It then all turned a little with some debated decisions and contentious objections. In the end though we sat back, basked in the sunshine, had a few beers, battled gamely with the other teams and finished up in 6th position out of 10. All in all a fun day’s work. A big thank you to Gregor and Jens for the great work they did in organising the whole day.


Click photo to see more!


August 27th:
Our new Sponsors - The Red Rooster Pub

It’s official, The Red Rooster Pub has agreed a sponsorship deal with Dresden Hurling Club. We will start the process of purchasing a team kit in the next month or two and afterwards have a party in the pub to unveil the new team kit and celebrate the event.

An almighty Irish thank you...


Go raibh míle míle maith agaibh mo cairde - to Marc, Peter and the gang for making this happen.


* Dresden Hurling finish 3rd in 2014 European Hurling Championship *


In only its second year, Dresden Hurling has finished a very commendable 3rd. This comes after a huge effort by the Dresden lads training twice a week since the beginning of April. Throughout the year Köln teamed up with us and as the table below shows the troubling statistic that Dresden/Köln were the only team to field a non Irish born player in every tournament game, in every tournament gaining 2 extra points per tournament. Thank you to all who made the effort to travel to The Hague in April, Zurich in May, Luxembourg in June and Brussels in August. Bring on 2015!


Many congratulations to Belgium on being the crowned CHAMPIONS in both Hurling and Camogie!


2014 European Hurling Championship table





















*  One extra tournament point will be awarded to a team that fields 2 non-Irish born players in every tournament game in a hurling tournament. The maximum number of extra points which may be awarded is two. Both players (who must be advised to the referee in advance) must complete the entire first half of each tournament game.


European Hurling & Camogie Championship

4th round  .  Hosts: Brussels  .  August 01-03rd

August 2014


Dresden Hurling in Brussels – Results


Belgium                                (3-7) v (1-4)           Dresden/Cologne

Viking Gaels/Paris             (0-2) v (4-7)           Amsterdam

Dresden/Cologne              (1-5) v (2-7)           The Hague

Viking Gaels/Paris             (0-1) v (9-7)           Belgium

The Hague                           (1-7) v (1-5)           Amsterdam

Dresden/Cologne              (1-11) v (0-6)         Viking Gaels/¨Paris

Amsterdam                         (0-7) v (4-7)           Belgium

Viking Gaels/Paris             (0-5) v (0-10)        The Hague



Amsterdam                          (4-9) v (2-3)           Dresden/Cologne



Belgium                                 (2-9) v (2-6)           The Hague


​Back to School for Dresden Hurling

July 2014

Last Thursday 10th of July, we were back in school again. We were invited to show the kids, from age 9-12 years at the Dinglingerschule in Johannstadt the skills of Hurling. This is the 3rd school we’ve been to this year, so hopefully we can field a fully German team in years to come.

European Hurling & Camogie Championship

3rd round  .  Hosts: Luxembourg  .  June 27-29th 

June 2014


Dresden Hurling in Luxembourg – Report

In the biggest tournament of the year so far, teams from Den Haag, Amsterdam, Brussels, Zurich, Luxembourg, Dresden, Koln and Paris turned up. Dresden teamed up with Paris and Koln teamed up with Den Haag. For some reason, I abandoned ship and went hurling with Den Haag as they needed another player to form a team. As the tournament proceeded it became apparent that the Paris/ Dresden team were very competitive, beating Brussels and Amsterdam quite comprehensively in the group stages to top the group and so would meet the 2nd placed team in Group 2 in the semi-finals. In group 2 Zurich were very strong also and beat Den Haag and Luxembourg to top group 2.

In the semi’s, it was to be Paris/ Dresden v Den Haag and Zurich v Brussels. Den Haag started strongly with 2 goals in the opening 4 minutes. It was a hard battle from then on as Paris/ Dresden tried in vain to get back into contention but it wasn’t to be with Den Haag winning to meet Brussels in the final after they scored a few late goals in the other semi against Zurich. In the final, Brussels started strongly and ran out convincing winners to put one hand on the championship trophy which will be decided in Brussels in early August.

On a sad note, our captain, Konrad had an accident after 3 minutes of the first game. He got a knee into the thigh. (dead leg or Pferdekuss) The injury was more serious than first imagined and he’ll be in the university hospital for the next 3 weeks. He had surgery on Sunday night and will have 3 more operations over the next days. We wish him all the best and a speedy recovery!!!

​Back to School for Dresden Hurling

June 2014

Wednesday 18th of June, we were back in school again. We were invited to demonstrate the skills of Hurling to 10 kids, from age 11-12 years.

European Hurling & Camogie Championship

2nd round  .  Hosts: Zurich  .  May 23-25th 

May 2014


Dresden Hurling in Zurich – Report

Friday at 15.00 . 1580kms . 16+ hours driving . On raglan road . Zurich . Paul no 1 . Paul no 3 & 4 . Crap beer . Les Halles . Double beds . A coaching course . An A & B Hurling Championship with 3 teams . a dodgy ref from Dresden . an epileptic fit . a broken collarbone . 1 red card . An old groin injury . A cold .  Sunshine & blue sky . Roasted bodies . A narrow win for Belgium . The 1st Camogie player from Dresden . 2 assists . 2 wins from 2 for the men from Dresden . Dresden’s first ever tournament trophy . Men and Women from Brussels, Zurich, Dresden, Paris, Lugano, Munich . Penne Pasta . Les Halles once more . Helsinki . Trophy’s full with drink . The Rattlin Bog . A €12 kebab . Wilting bodies . A walk in the park . Paddling in lake Zurich . Swimming in lake Constance . Home on Sunday at 23.00…

Great weekend’s Hurling in Zurich

​In the Media - Gaelic Sports World Magazine

May 2014

In this months issue of the the Gaelic Sports World E-Magazine Dresden hurling's recent match against St. Patricks is featured. Please click here to have a look. Thank you to Denis O'Brien the magazine's editor.

Dresden Hurling vs St. Patricks from Ireland

1st ever Hurling match in Dresden - May 17th 

May 2014

On May 17th, Dresden Gaa Club will host play its first ever match on home soil against a team from Ireland called St. Patricks. The event starts at 18.00 - 20.00. There will be a BBQ and drinks on sale and spectators both young and old can have a chance to play and learn the skills of this ancient sport after the game with guidence from the players. Bring you kids and your grandparents as all are welcome to attend. Afterwards we shall party with Irish music in the red rooster pub. More details to come. Please sign in on the facebook event page or just email us at DRESDENGAA@GMAIL.COM for more up to date info. 


Click for Match Report

European Hurling & Camogie Championship

1st round - Hosts: Den Haag - April 25-27th 

April 2014

Dresden Hurling in Den Haag – Report


Another 1600km round trip, tins of beer, an Oranje fest, nice “coffee”, fits of the giggles, sore heads, worst ever breakfast (45 mins to be served 5 sandwiches with no butter and 2 slices of meat), 7 competing cities, beautiful weather, no injuries but broken hurleys, lost sliotars, skinned knees, a 9 a side tournament, open space for tired limbs to run into, a potentially talented Donegal goalkeeper, a dogged full back combination of a Dresdner and a Finnish man who’s more than double his partners age, a somehow skilful centre back duo of a Rebel and a Kölner, (neither a hurling stronghold but both were applauded for their skill & efforts during the speeches later that evening), a half-forward line consisting of a Clare man that still seems to be celebrating 7 months on with a very skilful Dresdner with 3 weeks experience with a hurl in hand, finished off with a full forward line comprising of a rejuvenated and somehow injury free Kilkenny man (the medicinal properties of Dutch “coffee” are wonderful) and a Kölner with the powerful puck not seen since the days of Ger Cunningham, a rout or two, a strong and resolute display by the hosts to win the first hurling tournament of 2014, hungry stomachs after dinner, more Dutch beer, beachcombing at midnight, missed flights, a friendly city and the mother of all detours… 

All was on offer on an exciting and action-packed weekend in Den Haag.

​Helmets arrive in Dresden

March 2014

A big thank you to the European County Board (ECB) for providing us with 11 new helmets! Without these we would not have been able to continue throughout the year. It is a huge turning point for our club.


Go raibh mile maith agat!

​St. Patricks Day 2014

March 2014

Dresden’s first St. Patricks Day festival is planned for this Saturday 22nd of March on Postplatz starting at 13.00. There will be Irish music, dance, food and drink and sport (Hurling & Gaelic). There will be a big tent, entrance is free.


We will have a stand and be able to demonstrate the skills of Hurling to many people at this event so it’s a great opportunity to attract more players. We need to get all players attending from 13.00. (If you can’t be there at 13.00 please come along when you can, for at least 40 mins) and bring the following.

            County jerseys/ colours


​In the Media - Radio na Gaeltachta

Feb 2014

Last Saturday morning, 22 of Feburary, Joseph Curran here was interviewed by Cearbhall O'Siochain from Radio na Gaeltachta in Ireland. They spoke about our club, life in Dresden, how it is to play Gaa abroad and what’s happening with the club in the next year. If you want to listen to the interview, at least to hear the Irish language been spoken, click on the link below and click the green button “Eist anois” on 22 February.

The interview is from the 28 minute of the program.


Club AGM 

Feburary 2014

Our Club AGM will take place Monday, 3rd Feb. @ the Red rooster. 

Wilsdorfer Str. 20,

01067 Dresden

T  +49 351 4865935

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