Dresden Gaa Club was founded in March 2012, to provide a base for the many Irish that have made Dresden their home in the past years and to continue the story of the Irish amateur sporting organisation the Gaa, while promoting and organising Irish sporting and cultural activities for both the local and ex-pat communities here in Dresden.


We try to provide an informal setting giving everybody of any skill and ability the chance to participate in however they see fit. With a little organisation and support, both structural and financial from the European County Board, the club has grown steadily since 2012.

From the very beginning it became apparent that Hurling was the favoured sport but the intention is also to have a Gaelic Football pressence in the city at some stage. 

We play Hurling every week here in Dresden and takepart in the European Hurling Championship every year.


The European Hurling and Camogie Championship is made up of teams from...

  • Belgium  -  Belgium Gaa, The Earls of Leuven Gaa

  • The Netherlands  -  Den Haag Gaa, Amsterdam GSC

  • Luxembourg GSC 

  • France  -  Paris Gaels 

  • Switzerland  -  Zurich Inneoin Gaa

  • Austria  - Vienna Gaels

  • Germany - Dresden Hurling, Cologne Celtics, Berlin Gaa, Darmstadt Gaa, Hamburg Gaa, Munich Colmcilles, Setanta Berlin, Stuttgart Gaa

  • Scandinavia  -   Viking Gaels (Gothenburg - Copenhagen - Malmö)


In 2013 we affiliated with the Rugby Cricket Club Dresden (RCD) to be formally recognised as a sports club in Germany and givie the club a structural base on which to grow. We have a membership of over 300 members playing Rugby, Cricket, Hurling and Australian Rules Football.  

In 2015 it was decided to change the name to RC Dresden Hurling e.V.

From 2014-2016 The Red Rooster Pub in Dresden was our pround sponsor and gave us the support we needed to build the club.

From 2017 The Shamrock Irish Pub and GS Gesundheit has been our pround sponsors and we look forward to many more years together.  


Click on the photo of Dresden for more info on our beautiful city  (www.dresden.de)


Wilsdorfer Str. 20,

01067 Dresden

T  +49 351 4865935

Proudly sponsored by

The Shamrock Irish Bar

Traditional Irish Pub in the city center, Dresden

Open daily until 3am - Food served until 11pm

Leipziger Str. 294

01139 Dresden

T  0351.821 463 80

SG Gesundheit

Fachphysiotherapie mit Rezept oder privat

Rehasport mit Verordnung

Medizinisch betreutes Gesundheitstraining

Fitnessorientierte Präventionskurse

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Diarmuid Kelly - Dresden Hurling

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